PilotMicroRace !!!

PilotMicroRace is the first game to realy use the new powerfull ARM processors!

NOWavailable for PalmOS 5 powered device!

Take a moment to register this game ! Only $12 or €12 and lot's of fun!

11 Levels.
One or two player(s) game.
Available for Palm OS in color or black and white.
4 game modes.
Available for palmos 3.1 or better.
320x320 mode on Sony Clie and OS 5 device.
NEW 3D Mode On ARM devices (Palm Tungsten T and Clie NX) only
Human or computer opponent.

black and white game color game

Compatible devices : color or 16 gray levels devices compatible.
handspring visor™ deluxe, Sony Clie™ PEG-N710C, Palm™ M105, palm™ IIIc, Palm™ M5xx, palm™ Vx, palm™ IIIx,.. more.

Copyright Xavier Martin 2002 PilotMicroRace™.